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A fun and sweet "Animal Sounds" song that teaches the sounds of the animals on the farm, as we try to find out who says "Cock-a-doodle-doo".

A simple lesson designed to teach children how to use "there, their and they're". It includes many sweet pictures, helpful examples and sound effects. There is also a ten-question mini-test at the end.


Ideal for children who are just starting to read, this phonics song is designed to be upbeat and engaging. With professional music and fun pictures, parents and teachers should enjoy it too! :)

An adapted version of the classic Twinkle Twinkle song, made into a colors song for young children. With sweet animation and gentle vocals, this song can be used for learning or simply as a lullaby.

A song specifically designed for language learners. It includes 55 pairs of opposites (110 vocabulary items in total) woven into a rhyming song, with pictures to illustrate each of the words.

The song can be played all at once or as individual verses. It comes with a free activity book with activities to help children practise the pairs. 

A song, illustrated with beautiful photographs, to help children learn the colors. With its strong rhythm and rhyming verses, children will soon be able to sing along.

A song that works on different levels to entertain and engage children, whilst helping them learn. Children will learn the letters, names of animals and also experience 26 different verbs used in the past simple.

There is a free teacher's pack to accompany this song which includes different ways to get the most out of the song in class.

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