The Animal Sounds - Matching Game

15 pairs of cards. Original artwork from the song.
30 card backs with the Natural English logo.
8 x A4 pages

Available for $2, paid via paypal:

Print at home. For best results:

1. Print on white card
2. Print the card faces (pages 1 -4) first. Then put the pieces of A4 card back in the printer to print the designs (pages 5 - 8) onto the back of each card.
3. Cut out each square and, if required, laminate them to make the cards last longer.
4. Enjoy playing the game with your children!

Alternatively, to save ink:

1. Print on white paper or card
2. Make 30 squares out of your own choice of colored card or paper
3. Stick the pictures onto your own backings and laminate to make them last longer
4. Enjoy playing the game with your children!

To work as a memory game, it is good for the cards to look as identical as possible when turned upside down. The writing and images should not be visible when placed face down.

After your payment, you will be redirected to the download page. Please be ready to download your PDF immediately. Alternatively, please save the URL to download later. ***Please download within 30 days as the URL will periodically expire.***

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